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Commercial Grade Reflective Film

Xinyu-3100 Commercial Grade Reflective Film


Xinyu-3100 commercial grade reflective film

Feature: untearable, unprintable

Application: traffic warnings

Service life: 3 years

Specification: 1.24m x 45.72m per roll

Available color: white, yellow, orange, red, green, blue black, brown

Other technical data:

 1. Surface Film: Acrylic Type

 2. Thickness of film: 0.085mm, Thickness of Glue: 0. 035mm

Thickness of Release Paper: 0.12mm, total thickness of products: 0.24mm

3. Weight of Release Paper: 125g/sqm

4. Type of Adhesive: Pressure-Sensitive Type

5. Strength of Adhesive: at the condition of 0.8kg, 5min, total length: 10cm, the falling Length≤ 2cm

6. Operation temperature: 20 ℃----28℃

7. Working temperature: -20℃ --- 60℃